Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quit playing games with my heart!

Triste Papantla.  Papantla is beautiful and everything but for real.. the weather here is the most horrible thing on the planet.  It just plays with me all week long.  One day it is freezing.. like ridiculously freezing.. then the next day I am sweating... dying of heat!  That is why I have had a perpetual cold ever since I got here.  

This week was cool.  We got to see MEET THE MORMONS! The  Mormons are so cool.  For all of you that are not mormons.. you should be.  But it was cool we had a cool conference where they planched us and then they fed us and then we got to watch that new movie.  It was awesome. 

I am happy being a missionary.  This is the last week of the change and I will soon find out where I will die!!  AAH!  I am running out of cool things to say.. but today we went to tajin and it is beautiful!! It is the book of mormon!! The church is true.  Everyone knows it!  If you don't know that the church is true say a prayer and read the book of mormon!  I love you all!  Sorry all my letters have been super short, but don't worry. I AM HAPPY AND I AM MORMON!! 

Herman Emily Chandler 

Chocolate Milk and the Gospel

Well, I have found the secret to a happy family.  Chocolate milk and the gospel.  It is almost doctrine. This week was really good.  Well it ended kind of stinky.. but it was good.  We met some new people... a few.  And they didn't go to church. That was lame. But I went! And it makes me happy to go to church!  

Anyway, we did divisions this week and I got to work in another area in the centro.  It was pretty cool, I got to be with an american!  It was fun, we talk a lady that only has one eye. It was so hard to focus.. call me immature but for real... it was dificil.  Then we found a transformer made of trash.  People here are very creative.  But I really enjoy doing divisions they are like a vacation from my area!  

Then I am officially coming home next month... AGH!  My companion made me a little thing for my birth month!!! I am so old!!! Well I have been doing well here in the mission mexico xalapa, living it up!  Today we went to a cool museum. It was closed but it pays being a misionera.. they totally let us in and we had a little private tour. It was cool!  Papantla is awesome!!

I love you all and I hope you all love me!  I love the gospel and I hope you all love the gospel too!! Be good! Be mormon!! Pay your tithing and read the book of mormon everyday!  You will be happy! 

Hermana Chancla


February 24, 2015

Hello my lovelies!

 Things here are just lovely!  This week one of our investigators got baptized. Little Jovanna.  She is awesome.  When we first found her she barely talked and she was really sad all the time.  But now.. you can't get her to shut up!! She is awesome! We really created an awesome friendship with her and I am so happy to have been a part of this awesome change in her!!  Her son is the little chubby boy the the picture.. he is crazy!! He bit me the other day... it was really quite painful.  But don't worry, I used my self defense skills.  But he is funny, he was even worse before but now little by little he has been calming down.  I think the church is helping him a lot.  One time we were sitting there and a song came on and he started to move like sort of dancing.. and he said, mom. I don't know what is happening but the music... it just does something to me!  It was great! He is going to be a great little mormon one day!  

The gospel really changes people.  This week we taught this young man who is awesome.  But when we met him he told us that he didn't believe in god. But we started talking to him and everything and little by little he changed his opinion. He is in 1 nephi chapter 15 and is super excited for his baptism.. but he has a few desafios.. it is like weirdly sensitive information so I will leave it up to your imagination until I see yall in 9 weeks!  The baptism was beautiful there were tons of members there to support her and she was so happy to get baptized!!  This week has been awesome but I apologize because I have no funny stories to share.. Sorry! But I will have you know I got my flight info to come home! Love you!! 

Hermana Chandler


February 17, 2015

Hello family!!

This week was pretty cool!  Things are going really well here in Papantla!  If all goes well we will have a baptism next week!  This week was dia de amor y amistad!  Hooray!  Being a missionary makes this day all the more... well normal.  But it was fun to see everyone with their giant stuffed animals and everything.  I apologize but this week I don't have any funny stories.. but I do have a cool picture with me holding the hand of a giant man.. Also pizza.. for the first time... in a long time.. 

Hermana Chandler