Friday, February 13, 2015

More rejection here means less rejection after the mish... right?

Painting the house!

Hello my pretties.

Things here in Papantla have been just as good as ever!  Yesterday Casimiro got baptized!  The ex volador --he  is the one who doesn't speak Spanish very well. But it was awesome to see because although he may not understand Spanish there was no mistaking the feelings that he got from the spirit! It was a super spiritual reverent baptism. He was so happy! It was great!  We are also teaching another hermana who is progressing really well but her problem is that she has so much stuff to be doing always! Always working. And she has to paint her house! So us being the awesome people that we are, totally went to help her paint her house.  Let me tell you, it is pretty awesome looking. Although I have been walking around with paint in my hair all day, it is worth it!  She will be getting baptized soon so I am very happy.  

I met a little boy that is named Jose Smith. That was weird. He isn't even a member.. Anyway love you all! Have a good week! 

Hermana Chandler

Casimiro's baptism

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I drank fresh orange juice this morning..squeezed by my own hand.

Hello family! Oh how I love reading your letters! I love to hear that you are all doing well.  I hope that you are all happy and I hope that you all realize how lucky we are to be Mormons.  But don't just be Sunday Mormons... because that is lame.  100% Mormon. Sea feliz sea Mormon!

Well family I am happy to say that we were untouched by the transfers this week! I will be spending the next six weeks with my dear friend, Hermana Morales.  It is really great working with her! She is awesome and I always learn new things from her everyday and we are always laughing.  She is really quiet but when you get her talking she is hilarious and we always have a good time.  But yeah, today were changes but I am staying here in Xanath 3! Which is okay because I will be able to see my investigators get baptized :) 

We are teaching this guy who is an ex volador.  And as such he is from a nearby ranch where they only speak Totonac.  So he has been learning Spanish and he knows it well enough, but not so much that he can understand everything that we say to him.  So we have an hermana in the ward that is helping us out and translating for us. So we teach and the things that he doesn't understand she says to him in Totonac.  It is so cool!!! I don't understand a single thing. Spanish and Totonac are not even close to being the same.  For real. But let me tell yah.. Totonac is a really ugly language.  It is weird sounds and they aren't even pretty sounds.  It uses X a lot but they use the sound shh... a lot.. ew. It is still pretty awesome to hear them talking.  (the hermana helping us may have been preaching apostasy and we wouldn't have known...I hope not)  

Anyway this week has been awesome.  It has been hot so all of the bugs are starting to come out... yay? Also, the sun is starting to give me the most attractive tan line on my feet... even more yay?  But all is well in Zion.  This week I had a funny experience.  My compaƱera, a kid from the ward, and I were waiting in the street for another kid to take him to the church. Then along comes a little borrachito (little drunkard), it was funny. So, being the kind missionaries that we are, we said good afternoon to which he stops and stares at us for a minute and says (with a giant smile... well giant drunk smile..) ''Good afternoon!!! To you three persons.''  And he just stood there staring at me.. then all of a sudden he stuck his hand out and just sat there for like a minute and finally he said, ''you're not going to take my hand?'' and I said No. And then he got this sad disappointed look on his face and says okay and stumbles away. I realize when you write it out it really isn't that funny... but in the moment it was really funny.  I will have to tell you in person in 3 months ;)  

I love you all be happy!! Be good!! 

Hermana Chandler