Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busquen la verdad!!

Hello Family,
The font on the day of the baptism... yuck!
This week held a number of adventures for me.  One of which was trying to find new investigators... none.  This week was a little rough but it was great.  We met a lot of people who like to preach apostasy. We met this crazzzzy man who pretty much told us that he wanted to argue.  He told us that the Book of Mormon was false, that there were no such things as prophets, and that we were in a cult. He is a sad strange little man. I can't imagine how sad that would be to think that God has abandoned us.. what a weird man he was.  He also told us that we are working in darkness and secrets because we wouldn't tell him our names. Then as I was thinking about it, I wouldn't have told him my name even if I could have. He was weird.  Then to top it off he tried to hug my companion!! Agh!! Ew!  

Well this week we had a baptism! Her name is Amailyn. She is so awesome.  Her and her sister were supposed to get baptized together but it didn't work out that way. Amailyn was so happy and so ready!  Too bad we weren't. When we got to the church, the font was so so so dirty!! We spent all morning draining all the water and taking it out with buckets. It was a crazy, tiring morning but everything worked out really well.  I am really happy!  I am loving  the missionary life.  At times I feel like all it is is terminal exhaustion.  Which is true but I love it anyway.  I hope you are all happy and healthy!  Be good! 

Hermana Chandler
Amailyn's baptism
My companion and I with Amailyn!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Can you say jelly shoes?

Yes, it is true.  I have purchased a pair of jelly shoes to protect me from the rain. I guess that isn't all that important.

This week was pretty great. We are having some difficulties finding new people to teach. We have a lot of people that are getting ready for baptism and so I am pretty excited, but we haven't found any new people for a while. So keep us in your prayers that this week will be better than the last.  I hope that you are all doing well!  

I was a little disappointed to hear that there was no baby (One of Emily's siblings is expecting a baby any day now!). But oh well I guess. I have already had 2 missionary daughters in the time that it has taken for the real one to get here. Geez. Baby Chandler just keeping us waiting. How rude. Oh well.

Anyway, this week was girls camp and all the girls from our ward went. And let me tell you, girls camp in Utah is NOTHING compared to girls camp here. These girls had to dig latrines and they got rained on and last but not least they had to make all of their own food. Okay, that doesn't sound like a big deal, right? Wrong. They had to KILL their own food. Yes, girls camp in Mexico is hardcore. They had to kill, clean and cook a chicken!! I just about died laughing when I heard that.  

Another thing, you should all give me a round of applause. Seriously, do it right now. Why? Because I ate the soup in the picture. Seafood. I ate it. Agh! I wanted to die.  Seriously. I have never eaten a soup with my fingers before, but I did it. I almost wept.  But I am starting to think that the gift of tongues is not only languages.  It also helps you eat spicy, weird foods.  

After all these crazy changes I am happy to be back in my little house in Museo. It is cute and the members are a whole lot of fun. This week we had interviews with the President! He is the best human being on the planet. He seriously has helped our mission so much already. President Greer is just the best.  He beams with this happiness that is contagious!  I haven't had that great of an interview in a really long time. He got me super pumped to get out there and baptize the world! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for sending us the Greers.  Hooray por la obra del Señor!  Les amo!  Sea feliz sea mormon! 

Hermana Chandler

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nevermind. Triste cambios.

Me and Hermana Monroy
Alrighty then.  I'd just like to throw a giant NEVERMIND out there. I packed my bags up and headed over to my new area with my new companion, Hermana Monroy.  So we started working and meeting new people and getting stuff done.  Until that night when I had a million missed calls from the assistants, from the ZL's and from the president! Agh!! "What is happening?!"  So I gave him a call and the President told me, "Hey. Hermana.  You are going back to Museo and you are going to be training."  So I am now a new missionary mommy!  I am training a pre-trained missionary boss.  Her name is Hermana Lopez.  She is from Honduras and she is super awesome.  I am super happy to be back in my new, old area!  Seriously though.  I am so happy to be back because my other area for 2 days was super chaffa.  Seriously, I was only there for 2 days and it was so hard.  Everyone there is rich and apparently don't need God.  My first door contact shut the door in my face.. 'Thanks?'  But yeah, Hermana Monroy was great for our

My companion for 2 days and me

2 days as companions and now I am going to be working with Hermana Lopez with the same district!  I am so happy!!  A ton of crazy stuff has been going on this week. When we came back, everyone in the ward was like, "hey, what are you doing here!?" But they were all happy. 

We should be having a baptism soon and I am very excited! We have these 2 investigators who are just the best people in the world.  I just love them and they are so awesome that they are even going to girls camp! Anyway I don't have a ton of time but I love you all!  Be good! 

Hermana Chandler

My zone for 2 days

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Totally America-ed so hard this week.

AGH!  America.  The land I call my home.  This week we celebrated the Fourth of July!  My compañera y yo.  It was epic. We very proudly wore our red white and blue and we were so excited to tell our district leader, who also is American.  But he forgot!!! Agh.  I was appalled.  How could he forget the best nation on the planet?  Oh well. It was great.  This week we met our new president.  HE IS AWESOME.  Seriously he is the best.  He is so great and he just gave us all the loving we needed after we didn't have any for so long.  We had a multizone activity.  He was calling people out from the congregation to just hug them and love them and tell them he loved them.  And he called me out and then he had his wife hug me.  They really are so funny.  I just love them.  I am really excited for all the changes that we will be having.  

Also this week is transfers and I have to say goodbye to my little gringa... I am sad.  She is so great and I just love her guts.  They are closing our area and I am going over to another area of Xalapa.  This week was full of changes.  But I am happy and healthy and getting rained on.  I hope you all America-ed really well this week as well.  I love you all.  Be good. And be Mormon. 

Hermana Chandler 
Elder Dunn's birthday party 
Hermana Menlove and I with our cat.

My zone on our last day as a zone