Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Me with my fat little dog named Chandler 

Welp.  Life just keeps going as fast as ever.  I am still kicking away here in Martinez de la Torre!  But maybe not for long!  Changes are this next week and I am thinking it might be my time!! This week has been super awesome.  We are just working away trying to keep all our investigators happy!  We found so many new people this week and they are all just great.  We found this new family and they are just as cool as investigators can get!  I am seriously so excited for them!  They always try and speak english with me and always ask me what things mean.  At times I feel like they are children who just say exactly what they hear.. por ejemplo, what does ·"%&=( mean?  Agh!! No!  Don't say that!! That is super bad!  They always always ask me about swear words.  It just kills me.  Geez! 

But yeah things are just as crazy as every in the life of Hermana Charley Limon.. Yep.  That one is new, I have heard a huge array of nicknames but one that I have never heard is Charley.  We were with some of our investigators and I walk in and she goes ''Ah Charley!  Take a seat!!''  Charley?  Who the heck is that??  ... Oh well!! I love my investigators, seriously these people are just crazily wonderful!  

To top off one wonderful week, we had a surprise baptism.  One of our investigators showed up to the church in all white and told us that she wanted to get baptized that day! Well okay!  Vamos!  It was super awesome because seriously this girl is really interesting.. her sister is a recent convert who has just blossomed in the church and Valeria (our baptism) told us she was atheist she didn't want anything to do with God, the church, mormons.. etc.  but nonetheless she was always there when we went to see her sister.  And she kept going to church so finally we asked her if she wanted to get baptized and bam!  There you go!  She is super interesting.. after her baptism we were looking for her and she just disappeared.  My district leader came over to me and said, "Hermana you have got to see your investigator".. so we go out side and she is lying on the lawn in the corner face down.. just chilling there.  I just love her, in all her weirdness.. I guess that is what the mission is about.  You definitely learn to love people with all their weirdnesses.  And trust me.. you meet some really weird people in the mission.. But it is great and I am happy!  I love you all!   Be safe! 

Hermana Chandler

La autoridad. 

My comp and me with our favorite investigator EDNA!

Super FRESA. Bautismo de Valeria

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