Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mision Mexico Xalapa la primera del Señor!!

Well family, the one and only Mother's Day of my mission has come and gone and it was lovely to see all of you healthy and happy! This week was lovely!  We've been finding new awesome people and I am content here in Martinez de la Torre.  But changes are coming up and I am out of here!! (hopefully..)  

Yesterday was marvelous!  We went to church had a typical hysterical day trying to get our investigators to the church.  They, upon getting there, found out that we did not have baptismal clothing.. cool.  So we scrambled around like mad men searching for clothing.  One little boy even gave us the shirt off his back so that we could have clothing for our little baptism. Then we found out that there was no water in the chapel and we were running around trying to figure everything out and wow... So after all that craziness we baptized 2 people.  Vianey and her son Daniel.  It was the coolest, happiest thing of my life.  I have worked with Vianey since day one here in Martinez!  She used to be a bartender, prostitute, and gambler hardcore.  But it was so incredible to see this change in her and her desire to change and keep getting better.  I am super happy!  Then after that we went and ate lunch and after that I chatted it up with the fam!  YES.  That was so lovely.  It is great here and I am happy to be a missionary.  My compañera and I get along really well and we are having a lot of success!  I love you all! Be good!

Hermana Chandler

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