Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Raindrops keep falling on my head.. and in my shoes... and in my window... and in EVERYWHERE

Okay.  First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of information in my last letter, may have left a little something to be desired. (Note from Emily's sister: Her last letter was only 3 sentences long, not even blog worthy!) Well here I am in little ol Xalapa. And Xalapa has got a few things to offer that Martinez doesn't have, rain, lots of food (that is kind of gross.. aka fish), hills, and crazy people.  

Well, lots of crazy people.  We found some guy who supposedly is a member but he said he doesn't remember how long ago or what day he was baptized because to him time doesn't exist.  Only God exists.  So we started questioning him, who it was that baptized him, if he could remember the elder's name.  And he said God himself came down from the heavens and baptized him.. okay.  Byee!  That guy was crazy.  Then we found these two young men who we are teaching with their mom and their mom is trying to marry us off saying that they can and will only marry gringas. Then when we tried to give them away to our district leader our district leader said, "Eh its okay, just keep teaching them." So we are teaching who we so lovingly call ''the gringa hunters," awesome. Then we met Jaime.  Mohawk pony tail, wooden gages, no teeth.  He is awesome.  You can barely understand him but we are going to baptize him.  The people here are super funny but not very sociable.  

Another thing that Xalapa has to offer that no other place has to offer are surprise visits from President Lopez!!  He came to our ward this last sunday and I just think that was the best thing ever.  It was the first time I had seen him since he got released and I miss him to death. You can tell he is really sad that he is not with us.  I just love him and Hermana Lopez.  No one can ever replace him! But in about 20 days we are going to get our new president!! Woop!  President Greer from Arizona!  I am really excited for him to get here.  They are going to be great! 

Also, I made a discovery, I would be super fisherman.  We were walking when I heard Hermana Menlove scream, "OH NO!  HERMANA!" And I looked over and she had dropped her badge down a rain gutter.  And it was super far away so we took the other half of her magnet badge and tied to to string and went fishing.  Haha I just love my new companion.  It is so much to fun to have another gringa.  But yeah I believe that is about it.  My district is great.  I have a nice ward and area but my house is really really small.  I guess that is okay except for the bathroom.  It is a closet.  Por ejemplo, it is so small that you have to sit side saddle on the toilet... mission life.  Wow.  Okay well I hope this letter was better than last week.  I love you all!! Be good!

Hermana Chandler!

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