Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's P day P day gotta get down on P day...

Hello my lovely lovely family that I love so much!

Well this week we have had all sorts of great adventures.  One of which.. (mom please don't freak out) we were going to visit one of our investigators and they weren't home but their crazy dueño came out to the gate and started yelling at us and telling us to come in and being crazy. (He was very drugged up) So we were like, 'nope okay,' so we started leaving and then he started following us.  Agh!  So we left very swiftly. (Don't worry, we found our investigators in the street and they saved us.) The reason I tell this story is to let you all know the difference between misioneros and normal folk.  We were being accompanied by one of the young women in the ward and she was very very very frightened. She was walking so fast and my companion and I were laughing and we felt very calm.  She kind of chewed us out because we were laughing about what happened but I figure it is better to
laugh than to be scared!  It is amazing to realize the things that were very scary before are now like... oh man whatever.  He can't do anything.  Anyway, doesn't matter.  

We changed our house this week!! Woohoo! We are living the high life now!  Still showering out of a bucket but at least we can stand up in our bathroom (included is a photo of our bathroom before..)  Wakala. We had a conference with our president this week and it was really awesome!  It was kind of sad because every time I leave one of these conferences I feel like I am not missionarying nearly as hard as I should or could.  But it was still great!  Our new presidents are so great! Hermana Greer is a little angel.  I just love them! This week was a week of conferences.  We had stake conference this week and it was lovely!  I got to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in ages!! I just loved it!  I even met some man that knows Carson!  That was cool!  It is a small world! I love the Gospel!  I love the Church!  And I am so happy to be apart of this great cause!! I love you all! Be good!

Hermana Chandler

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