Friday, September 5, 2014

Welp the mish is over...

Oh my dearest family.  I've fulfilled my mission!  I can come home now! GILBERTO SE BAUTIZO!!! Agh!! I am so so so happy!  Yesterday was the most spiritual wonderful day of my life.  Gilberto got baptized!  He had his interview and my nerves were shot!  I was so scared to know if he was able to get baptized.  And yes!! And then we went to his house to get him on Sunday morning and there he was waiting for us in his little suit coat.  This man seriously is just the best!  I want him to be my uncle or something. We were sitting there waiting for his neighbor so we could all go together and he was there all antsy like, 'come on!! Time to go!!' It was so adorable; he was so excited!  I have never felt so attached or protective of an investigator!  I felt so happy and so proud of the changes he made in his life. In spite of his mean family who told him he was crazy and sat there trying to get him to fail.  Seriously everyday his son would sit in his house and smoke. But he is so strong!!  I love being a missionary!  It is amazing!  The baptismal service was amazingly spiritual and I was so happy because he was so happy to be baptized!  The mission rocks my socks.

Also, Mexico is to coolest place ever.  Why? Because here in Mexico is where a lot of the Book of Mormon took place!  It is so amazing!  There is proof everywhere that the Book of Mormon is true there are so many ruins and artifacts that people don't understand unless you are Mormon!  I am so happy!  I know the church is true and it is pretty cool to be a representative of it!  I love you all!  Sorry it is kind of short but I don't have tons of time!  Be good!

Hermana Chandler

Us with Gilberto!

Gilberto's baptism
Cerro Macuitepetl

My last day with mi hija :(

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