Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1 in 88,000

Well family I am one of 88,000 misioneros.  What the weird!?  Things here are lovely! I got to watch conference and it got me all pumped about being a Mormon! I sure hope it had the same effect on all of you! WE ARE MORMONS!  How great is that?!  I loved conference! I even got to watch it in English!  And Cantonese and Portuguese and Spanish... That was pretty cool!  

Anyway this week I have come around to the fact that I am staying here in Museo.  I am sucking up my pride because I know that God has got something pretty awesome planned for me here.  Now I just have to find it... dang it.   Oh well!  I am happy!  This week we worked super epic-ly and found a ton of new people.  We started teaching these little old ladies who seriously just cracked me up! Seriously.  Ana Maria and Mikaela.  They are old investigators of the elders that we started teaching. So we were visiting them and we were all sitting there about to start, feeling the spirit and stuff when suddenly this little cat snuck in the room when Mikaela (88 years old) sprang to her feet, went running over, grabbed the cat my the scruff of its neck, gave it a good hard shake, and hurled it out the door!!!  All while saying ''gato cochino''.  I know it may not sound too hilarious.. but it was!!  

Another interesting thing that happened is that every Monday we wash our clothes with a hermana from our ward who has a grown son with autism.  He is super great, he hardly talks and when he gets mad or embarrassed or anything he will start to yell and run around.  But anyway.   He sort of has this feddish with gym shorts.  I don't know why but he just loves them.  When we got to their house I saw that he was wearing a pair of shorts that were oddly familiar... I finally figured out what happened to my shorts that went missing over a month ago!!  I almost died laughing when I saw him.  The shorts were obviously very tight and short but he didn't care.  He just started laughing and running around saying, "Pantalones!  Pantalones!!" ... hahaha he knew exactly what he was doing.  Haha I almost died!! Anyway. This week was really great and I hope you all enjoyed conference!  Remember, decisions determine destiny.  You are lovely people and I hope you keep getting lovelier! 

Hermana Chandler

Mikaela y Ana Maria 


This guy sitting on the couch is Keke.. he is the one who stole my pants.

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