Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hello my pretties.

Things here in the good ol' mission are sure good.  Things have been a little rough with the work but you know what? It is okay.  We just keep moving forward. The Lord works in mysterious ways.  This week we found this lady named Maria.  She is this little old lady who lives alone in a gigantic very fresa (fancy/rich) house.  She has the most incredible story.  She is from Chiapas (a very very very poor place)  She was so poor at one time that she lived in a cemetery.  And it was there in this little old Chiapas that she first encountered the missionaries.  At the age of 25 she moved to England.  Where she found the church again but did not get baptized.  She married there and lived in Oxford for 30 years, when they told her that she had cancer, and that she only had 6 months to live.  She then told them that it wasn't true and that she was going to live longer with out treatment.  So she refused treatment and here she is 10 years later.  Why she lives here with out her husband I don't understand.. but randomly we found her in the street about two weeks ago because we were lost but we decided that we would go by and visit her.  I realized that throughout her whole life she has had a connection with the church but never joined it.  And now we are teaching her and she is accepting the message so well. SHe told us in the first visit that she knew it was true and that this was the church that Jesus Christ had established.  (Wow.)  That was a really cool missionary moment.  

This week was really awesome.  We really found a ton of people, one of which happens to be our next door neighbor.  They are so awesome.  They invite us over to eat all the time and they are always so excited when we visit them!! I love it!  

Today I was lucky enough to spend my p day with one of my dear friends Hermana Finlinson. She is just the best.  We went to the Centro and we ate ice cream and we met a man who is just funny and dresses like Aladdin and gives you a little fortune like the fortunes that you get from the fortune cookies.  Anyway, I love the mission because I make new friends.  It's cool because you learn to see them differently.  Because everybody has a cool story!! (I don't know what it is about the badge but when they see it.. they start telling their whole life story.. and confessing.. it's awkward.)  

I love you all! I hope you can all be missionaries for your little friends!  Don't be afraid of rejection.  When you get scared that someone won't listen to you, just think. Hey Emily gets rejected everyday and you will feel more confidence.  I LOVE YOU ALL!! Be good. 

Hermana Chandler 

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