Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Saludos de la hermana Vita

Hello family!

Being a missionary is great!  Today are transfers and my compañera is heading off to Xalapa and my new companion is coming tomorrow from Xalapa- Hermana Morales.  This change went by so fast!  They cut it short by a week so that everyone that is going home can be home for Christmas.  It was a really quick change but it was great and it ended with a couple of baptisms yesterday. 

This week was crazy trying to get everyone and everything ready for the baptism.  And we were also going crazy trying to find new people.  We found a ton of new people this week.. none of which went to church but... oh well.. That's not the point, the point is that Hector, Enrique and David got baptized. We almost lost one though but God is great and Moms know how to take care of their children. David is a ten year old boy we've been teaching with his mom.  He is awesome!!  He is so smart he ask us questions from the soul.  Seriously these questions are so deep.  It is crazy!  This week he was so excited to get baptized!  He was counting the days!  But on Friday we saw him and he was sad and didn't want to talk to us. He told us not to come back and that he didn't want to get baptized.  So we talked with him and still he just kept saying no, no, no.  So we finally get him to tell us one of his troubles, one of which was that someone had told him that he couldn't believe in Santa if he was Mormon.  In that moment I understood why children inherit the kingdom of God.  His troubles and doubts are so innocent.  So we talked to him and tried to clear up his doubts but still he wouldn't listen.  So we figured that someone had told him a bunch of bull honky about Mormons.  Like we don't celebrate birthdays or Christmas or anything... That's not us.  So finally we left.  The thing that broke my heart is that he said that he was mad at us.  He was crying, so it was really hard on all of us.  The rest of the week we were busy with interviews and stuff.  Then we got to Sunday.  (Day of rest?... not for missionaries) When we got to church  we were disappointed to see that our investigators had stood us up. I was looking around to room to see who was there when I saw David's little face sitting there with his mom!  Moms and miracles always go hand in hand.  It turns out that on Friday when his mom got home they chatted for a while and someone had told David that Mormons commit suicide.  Poor kid got so scared that he wanted nothing to do with us.  But his mom cleared it all up and they showed up to church on Sunday all ready for his baptism.  It was amazing! I just love David.  In his prayers he always thanks Heavenly Father that ''his hermanas'' (us) came to see him!  Then Enrique got baptized we never thought he'd actually get baptized but he did!  And Hector.  He is the best.  He is always so excited to go to church and visit with us and he is already excited to go on a mission! 

This is great! I am happy to be a missionary! I love you all! Be good!

Hermana Chandler

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