Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chocolate Milk and the Gospel

Well, I have found the secret to a happy family.  Chocolate milk and the gospel.  It is almost doctrine. This week was really good.  Well it ended kind of stinky.. but it was good.  We met some new people... a few.  And they didn't go to church. That was lame. But I went! And it makes me happy to go to church!  

Anyway, we did divisions this week and I got to work in another area in the centro.  It was pretty cool, I got to be with an american!  It was fun, we talk a lady that only has one eye. It was so hard to focus.. call me immature but for real... it was dificil.  Then we found a transformer made of trash.  People here are very creative.  But I really enjoy doing divisions they are like a vacation from my area!  

Then I am officially coming home next month... AGH!  My companion made me a little thing for my birth month!!! I am so old!!! Well I have been doing well here in the mission mexico xalapa, living it up!  Today we went to a cool museum. It was closed but it pays being a misionera.. they totally let us in and we had a little private tour. It was cool!  Papantla is awesome!!

I love you all and I hope you all love me!  I love the gospel and I hope you all love the gospel too!! Be good! Be mormon!! Pay your tithing and read the book of mormon everyday!  You will be happy! 

Hermana Chancla

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