Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quit playing games with my heart!

Triste Papantla.  Papantla is beautiful and everything but for real.. the weather here is the most horrible thing on the planet.  It just plays with me all week long.  One day it is freezing.. like ridiculously freezing.. then the next day I am sweating... dying of heat!  That is why I have had a perpetual cold ever since I got here.  

This week was cool.  We got to see MEET THE MORMONS! The  Mormons are so cool.  For all of you that are not mormons.. you should be.  But it was cool we had a cool conference where they planched us and then they fed us and then we got to watch that new movie.  It was awesome. 

I am happy being a missionary.  This is the last week of the change and I will soon find out where I will die!!  AAH!  I am running out of cool things to say.. but today we went to tajin and it is beautiful!! It is the book of mormon!! The church is true.  Everyone knows it!  If you don't know that the church is true say a prayer and read the book of mormon!  I love you all!  Sorry all my letters have been super short, but don't worry. I AM HAPPY AND I AM MORMON!! 

Herman Emily Chandler 

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