Monday, December 30, 2013

Bugs Bugs Bugs

This week we have been busy planning a wedding!   Yay!  Our investigators are getting married on Friday and baptized!  Gloria and Crispin ( the parents) are wonderful!  They were a little nervous at first but now you can just see how much they are looking forward to joining the church!  We are also baptizing 2 of their 3 children!  Victor and Dulce (9 and 12)  They are both excited as well.  Things are going really well here.  The language is slowly (very slowly) but surely coming..  The elders in my ward say that they can understand me pretty well.  It takes me a while to adjust to how different people speak.  But it is coming!  
The people here still stare and make jokes about me being a gringa... Oh well I think I am just going to have to get used to that.  It is a bit annoying but I am just going to have to go with it!
Christmas was so good and I loved talking to all of you!  It was a lovely day and it was evidence of the tender mercies from the Lord, because I was not beside myself with homesickness!  The Lord loves his missionaries, I am slowly but surely starting to figure this out.  From what I hear it will take me a good 3 months... aah...  I love you all lots!  Be safe and have a lovely new year!
Love, Emily

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