Monday, December 30, 2013

Mexico at last!


We have finally arrived!!! After the craziest adventure of my life we have finally arrived in Mexico.  I got off the phone with you and went straight from Dallas to Mexico City and that is where the craziness started!! Oh good heavens.  Only spanish.  Agh!  I have a whole heck of a lot to learn in Spanish because I couldn't understand anything that was happening.  Okay so somehow our reservations for the flight to Veracruz were cancelled and we found ourselves lost in Mexico City with out a flight or plans for another one.  Don't worry though, I was with my whole district plus some and we were able to figure it out after we found some amazing soul who was willing to help a couple of poor Americans out!  He was amazing and somehow we were able to get a hold of our president and the MTC in Mexico.  It was so crazy though we were stuck at the airport for a good solid 8 hours just trying to figure everything out!  My first meal in Mexico was a Mongolian Grill in the Airport at 12 in the morning!  Somehow it worked out and some wonderful man from the MTC Mexico came in the help us and picked us up and took us over to Temple Square!  We got to stay at the Mexico City Temple last night and fly out the next morning.  It was marvelous! That temple was beautiful and Mormons are the best people ever.  With as many things that went wrong on our journey here, I know for a fact that someone was looking out for us! We even almost missed our flight to Veracruz.  It was a crazy crazy crazy mess.  I just kind of had to go with the flow.  I am now comfortable and happy at my mission home.  My mission president is awesome and I am being assigned my comp tomorrow.  This trip was crazy but incredible.  It definitely makes for a good story.  Also.  Another funny thing was we got in from Dallas and gave our luggage to customs.... without any sort of ticket or anything.. so we gave our luggage to strangers so we lost our luggage and it was a mess and I was freaking out but the church is true and the Lord loves his missionaries because somehow everything worked out.  I am safe and happy.  I love you all and I cant wait to talk to you in 2 weeks!!  
Hermana Chandler 

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