Monday, December 30, 2013

First week in Mexico


Greetings from the land of babies and dogs!  I'm not kidding, there are so many stray dogs and so many babies!  You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a baby.. that was a weird example but you get my point.  Everyone has a baby! 
Okay, after all the craziness at the airport we went to the presidents house for dinner and Hna Johnson and I went and stayed with the sister training leaders for the night.  The next day was another orientation and then we were assigned our new companions and said goodbye.  That was so hard!  I miss them a lot.  I think it was more that I just miss things that are familiar, everything, really everything, is so different.  Not bad but different.  My new comps name is Hermana Manzueta.  She is great, she is very kind and patient with me, but she doesn't speak any English whatsoever, which I expected but it is rough.. but we can communicate well enough.  I really need patience.  She has more patience with me than I have with myself.  I get frustrated from time to time but hey. it is my first week.  I am allowed to be a little frantic.  Which is exactly how I am!! I was a mess when I said goodbye to Hermana Johnson.  My new area is called Martinez de la Torre, it is about 4 hours north of Xalapa.  It is a poor area.  The houses here make me sad and very grateful for the nasty apartment Hermana Manzueta and I live in.  Most people in America camp better than the way these people live.
 Hermana Manzueta and I are the only hermanas in the zone.  There was a zone class where I was able to meet all the elders in my zone, and there are about 6 Americans so I got to speak English!! Yay!! I will never take english for granted again.  I love to talk and when I can't communicate it makes me sad.  But don't worry I will figure this out and when I do no one will be able to stop me from talking!!  
The members of the ward are so nice.  And very affectionate which is weird to me.  All the ladies always kiss each other on the cheek, which I guess I have to get used to because everyday at least a dozen times that happens.  I have gotten to eat lots of good food also!  Nothing gross yet.  I tried mole like the real deal.  It was dang good!  who would've thought chocolate on chicken would be good? 
Also.  People here are not used to seeing a white girl.  I didn't think I was tall until I came here and towered over everyone!  I get so many stares, it is ridiculous.  An American girl in Mexico?? What??  They do love my curly hair though.  Everyone here has straight hair so they are all fascinated by my "chino" hair!  It's really funny.  This week has been a lot adjusting and it is crazy.  I hope it keeps getting better because life is weird.  You are all in my prayers always!  I love you lots!
Hermana Chandler

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