Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mexicans don't sugar coat anything.. Not even their candy.

Hello family!! I have learned something since being here in Mexico.  These people are very honest.  Very honest.  They tell it exactly how it is.  If you are fat, they will say it.  And in my case everyday delgadita.. also they think that I can't understand them, but I can and it is uncomfortable when they talk about me in front of me!  Thanks?  Anyway, life has been good.  Can you believe that January is already halfway gone?  Wow!  Time flies!  This week we had a multizone conference in Tezuitlan which is about a 2 hour bus ride.  And you would not believe how cold it was there!  I needed my big coat and a scarf to stay warm!  This is Mexico what the heck? Anyway this conference was super cool, Hermana Manzueta and I were the only hermanas in both zones but don't worry I believe there are more hermanas coming this next cambio.  While at this conference President Lopez so lovingly announced to everyone that in 6 weeks I am going to be a trainer! AAAAHH!!!!! NO!!!!  To say the least I am very nervous!  But also very excited!  It will make me learn a whole lot faster.  I am going to be a Madre!  Woohoo!! Whilst at this conference we also talked about goals that we have set as a mission.  The goal this year for baptisms is 1500!  So that means every companionship has to baptize every week! Ah!  The work is hastening, and I sure hope that I can keep up!  

There are a whole lot of new things coming up and I am excited to meet the challenges so this means that I am going to need a lot of prayers!  That is about it for now!  I love you all to bits!  Be safe! 
Hermana Chandler 
ps. I met Elder Dunn at the conference

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