Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This week was awesome!  I had my first baptisms.  It was a family of four.  They are so awesome.  They were married and baptized on the same day!  Needless to say it was one beautiful day!! It was amazing to see the changes in their lives.  They are so much happier and confident in their prayers and such.  Gloria (the mom)  even requested to get up during sacrament meeting to share her testimony.  It really was so awesome.  The Church is true, people.  It is true.  It is awesome to be involved in this work.  
  On Monday I had to take a road trip down to Xalapa to take care of some stuff for my VISA and one amazing surprise for me was that I got to stay with my dear friend Hermana Johnson.  Oh how I have missed her and missed speaking english!! It was wonderful.  The next day we went down to the offices and to my surprise all of my district from the MTC was there!! You would think that we have all been friends for our whole lives!! It was wonderful to get to see them! I was glad to hear that they are going through basically the exact same things as me.  Other than that things here have been pretty normal.  Lots of food, lots of walking, and lots of Spanish.  
Today!!  Agh!! I WENT TO A BEACH IN MEXICO!! Oh man!  It was awesome!  This is my life, I live in Mexico!! How crazy is that??  The beach was beautiful!  We went with some of the missionaries in the zone, it was awesome!  I ate food and played in the water up to my ankles! Man, this is the life! That is about it for now!  I love you with all my heart!  Be safe!
Hermana Chandler

Me with little Emily
The baptism!

My apostasy calendar

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