Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mexico: The place where blowing up old people is a normal thing...

It is the new year and I am pumped.  I believe I will call this year, The year of the Mission. (super clever right?)  Life is good, the baptism fell through because we were unable to get them married in time but dont you worry!  They are getting married this friday and will be baptized on Sunday! I am really excited about that.  So they have this tradition here in Mexico where every new year they make this mannequin of an old person and stuff it with explosives!  Then at midnight, BOOM!  The old people are dust!  All night long we could hear the oldies exploding in the street!  It is amazing!  We went to President Morales home again for a party and I was able to assist in blowing up an old man.  It is so crazily awesome here!   We got back to our house that night and realized that we had left the door to our apartment open.  ALL DAY.  Wide open.  So we investigated and found that everything was in its place.  Oh goodness can you imagine how bad that could have been??  The Lord loves his missionaries. 
So things here are more different than you might think.  It is cold and rainy more often than not.  I have to sleep in a hoodie every night and every morning I wake up to the sounds of Mexico  Such as men and women walking down the street selling products.. TORTILLAS!! TORTILLAS!  Then there is this crazy rooster.. cada mañana (every morning), then every other day the garbage men come around ringing their bells singing LA BASURA!! LA BASURA (the garbage)!!!  It really is so funny!  I am just trying to soak it all up because it is definitely not America!  Tomorrow I am going up to Xalapa to confirm some stuff with my VISA and I get to see Hna Johnson!! Yay!  I am so pumped!  Another American girl.  I made a discovery, I am honestly the only American girl within at least 500 miles.  I guess they mean it when they say we are a peculiar people because I get the stares every day. Life is good and I love you all! Be safe!! 

Love, Hermana Chandler

Spanish phrase of the day: ¿A poco? meaning oh really? 

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