Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Emily's Milestones

Well ladies and gentlemen, not to brag, but I have reached a very important milestone this week... I finished Alma.. In Spanish.  Mmmmhmmm.. That's right.  That was a pretty big milestone.  

Milestone numero 2,  I will be coming home a year from yesterday.  Wow!  That was a pretty freaky milestone!  I have yet to reach the milestone of changing areas.  The members here are starting to think that I will never leave.  But I love Martinez, despite the fact that I feel like I am living inside an urn and I am dinner for a variety of different blood sucking creatures here. The people here are just the best.  There is a family here that really always, always, always takes care of us.  La Familia Morales.  They are like my mission parents.  But la Hermana Rosie has taken upon herself the task of finding me a husband... hmm.. which is interesting.  But she is just wonderful and I know that I am going to be super sad to leave Martinez.  

Milestone 3 Nuevo Presidente de la mision Mexico Xalapa.... :(  I am very very very sad.  President Lopez was seriously the best.  But he was released for personal reasons and to prepare him for a new calling in the Church. Everyone thinks that he was called as a member of the 70! Thats super cool and all... but I am still sad.  We now have a temporary president who will be here until July his name is Presidente Saucedo.   Me da miedo.(It scares me)  He and his wife are some serious planchadores (Google translate says this means Pressers) But we'll see how this goes.  

Milestone 4.... this milestone is weird.  We had to cancel a baptism due to mother nature's monthly gift.  Pobre investigadora mia (My poor investigator).She was really upset.  And so were we but it is okay.  Next Sunday is the day for her and everything will be wonderful!! 

Anyway the work keeps going on.  It is super hard to work in this sun but I believe that we will be just fine.  My dream one day is to go to Xalapa.  Where it rains, and people complain about being cold.  I have vowed to myself, I will never complain about the cold ever again.  My other dream is the go to Tezuitlan.  Yes.  It is beautiful.  Tengo un sueño que un dia voy a tener frió.  Pero, por ahora.  Tengo que sufrir... pero con longanimidad.  Estoy muy feliz!  Les amo mucho!  Sea feliz Sea Mormon!! (Translation from google translate: I have a dream that one day I will have cold. But for now. I have to suffer ... but with forbearance. I am very happy! I love them very much! Be happy Be Mormon!

Hermana Chandler 

Also sorry that I can't send pictures this week! Next week I'll send lots!  

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