Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Barrio Xanath

So this week has been great.  I got to my new area on Tuesday!  I said goodbye to my neighbors and it was really really rough.  They are just the best.  But I know that they will be just fine.  Then off the ADO (that's what they call the bus system here). All day in the bus... woohoo.. that was awesome.  One awesome thing about Veracrus is that every street in this state is extremely curvy.  So basically to travel in ADO, you feel like death.  So after traveling for 5 hours in ADO I felt awesome!! I got here around 1 met my companion Hermana Vite and we started working at 2.  It was great!  Very tiring.. but great!  

This area is awesome.  I am in Barrio Xanath.  These members are great and the people here are just awesome.  Another super cool thing is that here they speak another language.  They speak totonaco (I don't know how to write that..) But it is this crazy dialect. Papantla is like a tiny pueblo, super super super traditional.  The people here are awesome.  They are so friendly!! And they are so willing to listen.  Well obviously not everyone but yes there are definitely more people to talk to here in Papantla. 

The area is cool, it is very very very green. Almost a jungle!!  Which is awesome!  But also means there are a lot of little creatures.. gross.  The weather here is cold.  Everyone told me I would be dying of heat but it has been ridiculously cold.  And I sure love bathing in cold water when it is cold.. you could say that I just don't bathe now... okay.. That's not true.  But it is pretty miserable.  

This week we had a baptism.  A little girl named Debani.  She is super cute and she was so excited for her baptism.  She wanted so badly for her dad to baptize her but he couldn't because he wouldn't stop drinking coffee. One of the new elders helped us with the ordinance.  Poor guy.  He just got here and he struggles with the language.  I remember those days.. we are doing what we can to help him feel good here, so we let him baptize her!  It was a super cool experience.  We had to baptize her in the other chapel because there was no water in our chapel but everything turned out really well.  The work of the Lord can't be frustrated.  I have seen so much proof of that in my mission.  All the weird things that happen that seem to be a huge stumbling blocks...all just kind of go away.  God is awesome.  He always has out backs.  I hope you all always remember that.  I love you all and I hope you are all happy! 

Hermana Chandler 

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