Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thanks Mexico...

Hey fam!  Long time no see!  I hope all is well there in the good old USA!  This week was kind of blah... My poor companion got sick again!  Apparently she got bronchitis and salmonella but I don't buy it... we went to the doctors to check it out and he looked at her for 2 seconds and said she had 2 serious sicknesses and then charged us 200 pesos.. okay.  That seems right.  I am pretty convinced that she just had the flu.  But because of this she had to rest... so I had to rest too.. This week was very boring and a little stressful because we couldn't work.  We did splits with some of the YW in the ward but it is not the same.  My poor comp, in her first 2 weeks she got sick sick sick sick.  Poor girl.  Thanks, Mexico.  It is super funny though because she has been having some serious culture shock, Mexico is not being very nice to my companion.  Well, we also kind of had a baptism this week!  Laura, she is super awesome young woman in the ward and she and I became really good friends.  I didn't teach her at all but I was just as excited that she was going to be baptized!  She is super great!! Also I just love the members in our ward they are so great and our bishop is one of my favorite people ever.  And on Sunday he gave me and my companion YW's medallions, from the members of the ward!  How sweet is that?? I think I will treasure this one more than the one that I had to earn to get my driver's license!  Life is good here!  I hope you are all happy and healthy!  
I love you all! 
Hermana Chandler 

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