Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Totally America-ed so hard this week.

AGH!  America.  The land I call my home.  This week we celebrated the Fourth of July!  My compañera y yo.  It was epic. We very proudly wore our red white and blue and we were so excited to tell our district leader, who also is American.  But he forgot!!! Agh.  I was appalled.  How could he forget the best nation on the planet?  Oh well. It was great.  This week we met our new president.  HE IS AWESOME.  Seriously he is the best.  He is so great and he just gave us all the loving we needed after we didn't have any for so long.  We had a multizone activity.  He was calling people out from the congregation to just hug them and love them and tell them he loved them.  And he called me out and then he had his wife hug me.  They really are so funny.  I just love them.  I am really excited for all the changes that we will be having.  

Also this week is transfers and I have to say goodbye to my little gringa... I am sad.  She is so great and I just love her guts.  They are closing our area and I am going over to another area of Xalapa.  This week was full of changes.  But I am happy and healthy and getting rained on.  I hope you all America-ed really well this week as well.  I love you all.  Be good. And be Mormon. 

Hermana Chandler 
Elder Dunn's birthday party 
Hermana Menlove and I with our cat.

My zone on our last day as a zone

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