Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This week was a whirlwind.  La verdad, I have never had a crazier, more stressful week in my whole life.  But I can't really complain because I learned so much this week.  Seriously, I have never seen more proof that Satan exists, also I have never seen so much proof that God exists. And that he is watching out for us.  He is a pretty good guy I'd have to say.  He's definitely got my back.  Anyway, so let me begin.  

Remember that miracle Gilberto fella?  Well, I have never cared about an investigator more in my life! He is amazing!  But even if you are amazing, Satan is going to attack. His baptism was supposed to be this week, and we went to visit him throughout the week and we went over the baptism questions we filled out the cedula and everything was perfect and ready!  Then we show up with our DL and Gilberto is missing.  He won't answer our calls and so we started worrying a little bit.  We went by at least 6 times that day and he never got home.  Then we showed up the next day with our DL and lo and behold, NOT THERE!  Gah!  So we called and we asked around and it turns out that he had gone to visit his brother who is a pastor of some Christian church and they filled him with about a gazillion terrible ideas about "los mormones." Gilberto can't read and so they told him that because he can't read we had been lying to him!  They told him so many chafa things that I can't even expressed how angry I was!  So he was missing!  And there was no way to find him!  We spent 3 days looking for him!  It was Saturday and we still hadn't found him and I was spent!  All of our leaders were telling us that we hadn't done enough and that it was our fault that he was missing... thanks for your support?  Gosh.  I have never felt more.. AGH!  Anyway, so we came up with a strategy.  We decided to intercept him at his work.  We went walking over to the boonies for this guy and his freaking work was closed!  And so after a moment of distress we looked again and out of nowhere he was sitting there on the curb alone.  God is so awesome!!! I know that he made it possible for us to find him! So miraculously we found him and had the chance to talk to him for 15 precious minutes!  I don't even remember what we talked about but somehow we got everything on track again.  Sunday morning (again) we took our DL over there to do the interview.  They were in there for about an hour and a half!  I think my hair was falling out I was so nervous!  But as it turned out, Gilberto also was feeling stressed and sad so he drank coffee... and alcohol...and he smoked... Freaking Satan and his tristes temptations. But Gilberto was so sad.  When our DL left he was crying, and we cried with him.  He didn't get baptized this week but I know that he is going to get baptized!  I am going to see that man in el reino celestial!!  

My companion and I have made a discovery about the mission, it is really interesting, because us as missionaries, have about a gazillion and one problems... but the problems aren't our own.  They are all problems of our investigators!  We spend all our time focused on other people.  It is really cool honestly! I love it! 

I really have learned that the Lord has a lot of things prepared for us. This week we had this really random thought that we had to go and visit this referral that we received about 5 weeks ago but we never found him.  So we went over to his apartment and his little neighbor came out and talked to us, she told us that we really shouldn't visit him because he was all drugged up, but she invited us in and now we are teaching a family of 5 (that seriously happen to be golden).  So I know that God has got it all worked out.  Entonces tenga fe in su padre celestial!  Les amo!

Hermana Chandler

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