Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hmm... Que les puedo decir...

Pues, pues, pues.  I am happy to hear that you are all doing well and all of you are healthy.  Stay that way.  

This week was pretty good. We have been meeting new people and we are slowly but surely having success! I have been learning throughout this last 9 months that we can see miracles everyday if we look for them. And even though they may not seem like miracles they definitely are. Por ejemplo, this week we were to have a baptism... but it fell.. awesome. That was a bummer but I think it is for something. God always has something better planned out for us. Anyway, so we found out that we weren't going to have the baptism.  Shoot. So we were bummed out.  But we have this investigator who should be baptized this next week.  And we are so impressed with him.  Because when we first met him he so did not care about anything.  He would just sit there not listen and finally we just wanted to give up but he surprisingly enough always went to church with us.  So we kept teaching him.  And we have slowly but surely seen these changes in him.  His prayers are super sincere he wants to invite his family to come to church and his baptism. But this Sunday we were distraught when we showed up to his house and he was not there to go to church!!! Agh!  Triste Gilberto!  So we went by for someone else and when we came back out he was there all ready and waiting for us to go to church!  AGH!  I just love Gilbert.  He is so awesome, keep him in your prayers.  He is one of those tiny unexpected miracles that we had this week!  It just goes to show that you never know when someone is ready for the gospel.  Because this guy is this 50 year old man who looks like one of those men that hang out in casinos.  Always has his shirt un buttoned with his chub hanging out with his creepy aviators sunglasses.  But this guy is awesome.  I am excited.  

Anyway on to the other news, this week I ate fish, and more fish, and then I ate pig skin. Why Mexico? Why?  I really couldn't tell you why that sounds good... Anyway we ate this soup with pig skin in it I couldn't do it!  I think the spirit told me that morning that I had to wear my skirt with pockets.  I wrapped this huge chunk up in a napkin and stuffed it away.  Then I look over and my poor compa was dying.  She had a mountain of napkins sitting on her chair with little hunks of pig wrapped in them.. ew.  So me, being the good mom that I am, wrapped it up and stuffed it away in my other pocket.  So I left that lunch with meat stuffed in my pocket but it was worth it because. ew. Hopefully the future holds comida mas deliciousa. Ojala. I love you all!  Be good! Be happy! And always remember that the bark grows on the outside of the tree. Know what I mean? 

Hermana Chandler 

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