Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mision Mexico Xalaaapa, la primera del Señor.

Agh!  Me dio mucho gusto a ver mi niña hermosa!  Little Baby Chandler (Emily's new niece) is seriously gorgeous! I love her!  Good job and congratulations to all that were involved! I have had a good week! I was extremely anxious because today I knew that I would be seeing Little Baby Chandler!

This mission is super awesome!  I have now hit my half way mark and I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by!  This week there was some really cool stuff that happened!  Such as, I felt my very first earthquake!! Never in my life I have I felt an earthquake.  But don't worry mom, everything is fine.  It just shook the bed.  And it was even better because I was on the top bunk!  Wow! I thought my companion was just shifting around!   This week we didn't do much but my district all got together to do a service project for one of the hermanas in our ward. We helped her move houses.  She is super awesome, and she told us she had never felt the spirit so strong and that it was such an awesome experience to have all 6 missionaries in her house!  It is so weird to think about how people see the missionaries differently. It is a really humbling experience to know how other people see missionaries.  This hermana is super awesome and I just love getting to know the people in my ward.  The ward is a little difficult but we are still trying to work things out with them.  Not a whole lot happened this week but I can't seem to be able to send pictures. Sorry!  But I will send them next week! I love you all! Give the little baby lots of loving for me!  I will be there to make up for it when I come home in 9 months!

Hermana Chandler

Also. Mosiah 5:12 I am not sure if it is written the same way in English but this scripture is pretty sweet!

This picture was sent to Emily's family from the family of the missionary in the blue shirt.

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