Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another week in the life of Hermana Chancla...Chanda...Chandere...Chandly...etc.

Me and my companion with our juice bags... weird.

Welp Family,  

Just another week in the paradise I like to call Muertinez de la Torre.  Oh good heavens it is hot here.  Well, my missionary daughter was stolen from me and so now I've got my new companion. I am not training her but she has about 3 months in the mission.  She is super awesome, se llama Hermana Garcia. We get along really well! Monday night my Hermana Daza and I partied but we were sad because it was our last night together.  The next day we went to the bus station and dropped her off and I picked up my new companion. We were all excited and happy and we took a taxi back to our little house. We lugged her stuff up the stairs to find a note on the door that said, "your time here has ended, talk to my lawyer," and we couldn't go in the house!! We were locked out with all my stuff inside and with no where to go!! So we took all of her stuff to the house of the other hermanas and went to work while our wonderful zone leaders talked to the lawyer.  It was such a mess but long story short we were finally in our new house around 2:00 in the morning. What an adventure!  Turns out the ZLs had to break into our house through the window to get all of our stuff out! Agh! But this new house is super awesome. Hot water!! Yay!!! Also I am very content that their aren't millions of spiders!  

Anyway, this week with my new companion was super great!  I loved it! Changes are all sorts of fun here.  We are working really well and having all sorts of fun preaching and teaching and stuff like that.  I really like my new zone, they are all super great.  And my investigators are progressing!  Woop!
I had a very odd experience this week... I tried praying in english, and I couldn't do it! That was an odd experience.  I can't do church things in English now!     

Also, Mexican moment of the week:  I was talking to one of the other hermanas and she said that someone was a taco de ojo.... eye taco... like eye candy... wow..

Well there you go.  A typical week llena de aventura!! Les amo mucho! Hermana Chandler 

Also another random fact,  in spanish smurfs are called pitufos.  and huey duey and luey (the ducklings) are hugo paco and luis

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